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The Americans: "Echo"

The Americans: "Echo" !!! Full spoilers for The Americans: Season 2 finale !!!

Damn, The Americans knows how to give good finale, !! doesn’t it?

Paige Jennings, second-generation spy? Come on, it 's gold !!  The Jennings are faced with deciding an appropriate wrenching and memorable , but much more interesting from the perspective of a TV show that will delve into the next year . And of course , it would be Elizabeth who was pushing . After all , he believes in the cause above all as a hero and fight for the degree . Paige is looking for it , they "talk" to help , but also with their children at least capable of being true , Elizabeth will take away a great weight , he is expected not only to fix the fence between them .!Paige not only their children, but "why" a son of Elizabeth and Philip say that Claudia was cold - but focus twisted KGB made sense, !!! " that would not exist had their parents in combination with others, if not for being part of his cover". Certainly, there were things riveting. !!!

All of this was leading up to the big show with Jared. I see his obsession with his relationship with Kate,!! began to appear, but then everything clicked !! - it separately, were recruited not only for, but I was the murderer - his own family !!! - I've been looking for all season. fanaticism and fed by the Care hormones of a teenager. !!

How to meet, Philip and the arcade's crazy to have 26 episodes?

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